Who is London Berry Apparel?

London Berry Apparel is a social responsible apparel brand that focuses on core values and strength within the arts, socially and most of all the community.

Our mission from day one has been to add responsibility in apparel; upholding a eco-friendly clothing collection that not only would be fashionable with style but environmental conscious. We strive to develop a high quality and unique brand of clothing and other graphic generated printed material with a great emphasis on being green. Forging a energetic relationship with several national & global brands along with recognizable companies has helped anthem our message. We garnish pride with each order that is purchased and completed, and take each as a staple of learning and growth; so that we can deliver the best product possible to (you) the consumer.

Our Mantra: Powered By The People... ideas that power the world!


London Berry Apparel Team

A team of humble working class people who wanted to see a change and difference in apparel.


Andre Jacob

Andre founded London Berry Apparel shortly after the birth of his daughter in 2013. A simple love of vintage t-shirts and a talent for graphic design Andre was eager to see where his passions could take a t-shirt company. Andre serves as President and Chief Designer of LBA. His commitment for volunteering and serving the community has allowed him to network with a great number of national companies while keeping a pulse on fashion and its trends.


Trej Howard

Trej is a graduate of Harvard University where she obtain degrees in Marketing and Law. Her strengths have allowed the company a rapid growth with great exposure. Keeping an organic culture, Trej is always looking for innovative ways to grow and campaign the company's mantra. When she isn't working she loves spending time with her husband and son.


Julana Walters

Julana is the daily backbone of LBA. With great multitasking skills she overseeing many avenues in the company's operational functions. Her specialty in public relations helps cultivate a steady social presence with our target audience and general consumer. With a belief that you are only as good as your last sale, Julana is always striving for excellence for the company and herself.