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Who Is London Berry

We are not a mass wanna-be everything for everyone style of company but we are more than just a simple tee shirt company. We fashion ourselves as being a conscience entity that offers more to consumers; a lifestyle, stylish unique apparel and the feeling that your clothing should speak volumes about who you are as a person. We pride ourselves in being eco-friendly and place a greater value on quality and style because it's just the right thing to do. We never mass produce our collections, because limiting what we design gives you the consumer more ownership, value and uniqueness in what you are purchasing & wearing. We never want walking billboards. Based mainly online and with a select few retailers our company serving customers in 150+ countries and love making clothes with real style and individuality.


London Berry sees itself as a national philanthropic arm that strives daily to be responsive to the citizens of America and the world. We understand and recognize that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless the communities we serve are healthy and sustainable. Wellness develops growth, which in returns develops wealth. We want wealthy communities. Our investment priorities reflect local and national projects; community recycling, water stewardship, active healthy living and education. We definitely want to be apart of your events and community. We are always looking to support more venues locally and nationally. So if you have an event that you think LBA would be a good fit, please reach out to us with an email and your event's proposal. We require at least a 6 month notice to make a proper decision on any project/sponsorship. We understand that we may not be able to help on all requests but we truly thank you in advance for considering London Berry for sponsorship.

Email us a proposal or sponsorship package with detail information on how you see London Berry being apart of your event. Please give us at least 3-5 business days to send you an initial reply, which will outline the next steps. Email Now.


LBA is always happy to entertain new partnerships. We understand that partnerships can help serve more communities, help accomplish goals and most of all helps provide sustainable growth. We are currently looking for Limited and Long Term Partnerships. If you are interest please contact us via email